Taking it easy again

I went back to the track tonight for another easy session: the easier track session starts half an hour earlier than the harder one, which means more opportunity to almost get home before La Serpiente falls asleep. Also, it’s easier.

Tonight I was running 800m repeats with 5 minutes and 30 seconds to get each one done. I should have been doing them no faster than 1:39 per lap, so it’s clearly sandbagging when my average pace was 1:34 and my last two laps were 1:32s. On the other hand, I got to hold my pace pretty tight throughout the session, rather than my usual go out strong and then collapse completely after 15 minutes modus operandi. That extra long rest between laps clearly helps.

Now, even though I’ve eaten the rest of the Christmas pudding from yesterday, I’m devoid of sense, too tired to think, and all I can do is stitch occasional words together before I go to bed. I wonder what on earth it will feel like when I have jet lag at the end of this week.

1 thought on “Taking it easy again

  1. October 21st and he’s already eating Christmas Pudding … I know there is a time difference down there, but come on! Nice change to the site, by the way. Try to add more photos when you blog though, would be good to see you looking totally knackered, and jet-lagged.

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