The Day After The Weekend

After writing almost 1,400 words about track spikes and the parlous state of external paintwork in Singapore last night, I was ready for bed, but La Serpiente kept getting up and coming out of her room to stare at me, like the diminutive blonde star of a Japanese horror film remade for American tastes. The first time she did it, I took her back to bed and she lay down, instantly returning to sleep, but when I took her back to her room the second time and asked what was wrong, she indicated she wanted me to stay with her, and as I wasn’t going to wait up any more, I slept on the floor next to her bed.

That was uncomfortable enough, but after a while she climbed down from her bed to sleep next to me, which might sound cute if you didn’t realise it was a thinly veiled move to hog the pillow and deny me any quality slumber.

And so we dozed, until a minute before seven, when she climbed back into bed and got upset that her Gro Clock was telling her it was time to get up.

None of this was exactly ideal recovery conditions, and I staggered to work today in a pair of Havianas, wary of chafing the wound on the back of my ankle, and wanting to give it air to dry off in. For once, I didn’t get a wound on the top of my foot from the strap, but I do find it exhausting to walk in Havianas for long periods, so I just flip flopped around the office until 6:30 then came home to put the kids to bed.

After a period of utter nonsense over the last few weeks*, La Serpiente is going down to sleep pretty easily – being tired out from school must help – even if she doesn’t stay put. I managed to get out to the sofa and successfully book tickets for Star Wars, before she reappeared, shambling in her sleep sack and staring at us like a harbinger of future sleepless nights.

So at that point, my authority ignored, I got my wife to get her back down while I finished off the chocolate money in the fridge.

Late this evening, I went for a run. I didn’t realise how wobbly my quads were; I didn’t feel like I could run forwards properly, so much were mu muscles failing to maintain proper order. I’m not sure if that was delayed soreness from Saturday’s run, or not so delayed soreness from last night’s spike-based abuse of my legs, or just a sign of my increasing obsolescence.

Whatever. I did a mile very slowly, then came back to get some sleep, in preparation for tomorrow. (I’ve got calls from 8am, then after Star Wars calls until past midnight, so it’s important to do what I can to stay fit around this.)

*Oft involving the phrase “bum on the bed, feet on the bed, head on the pillow” as she plaintively tried to tell me to lie on the bed next to her.

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