The joy of filing

Unsurprisingly, I failed to get up at 6 this morning to put myself through the mill. I think a combination of eating tacos too late at night, along with watching a horror film, meant I was a shambling mess today. Forgetting to drink any water until late afternoon was another big error. Oh Fitbit, why didn’t you remind me of my failure?

I felt less crapulent eventually, about the time that the day was over. This evening I went out to an Indonesian restaurant on Telok Ayer, where I had lots of vegetables and tofu to eat. Ikan bacar, or fried fish, is one of the two Indonesian dishes I can remember how to say, and I couldn’t eat it. (The other is nasi goreng, which I had a bad version of in Macau years ago and now can’t look at without horrible memories of the toilet in the Hard Rock Hotel.)

There was no alcohol available, which is something I was a little surprised by, but also pleases, because it meant I wasn’t tempted to have a beer. It’s far too easy if booze is available to have some, and with the week I’m having, devoid of exercise, I can’t justify that right now.

Instead, I got to have a perfectly pleasant meal and then walk home to my empty (but untidy) flat, and then spend two hours going through paperwork, something that is always a joy. Well, you don’t realize how great filing is, until it’s not been done.

I had to check my wife’s income, and I was dreading this, as I was sure her payslips were distributed at random across our desk, but I was overjoyed to find she’d filed them in chronological order, exactly where they were meant to be. Having gone through an absolute nightmare the first time I tried to get a loan from a bank, which was when I discovered it was really useful to keep all your payslips filed somewhere other than your bedroom floor, I’ve long been convinced of the benefit of filing.

However, there are several things I can’t find right now. Foremost among them is my travel insurance policy (I have the confirmation email, but nothing on paper), and that’s the one I need right now. I have other things aplenty (will I ever really need to look at four years of electricity bills from Hong Kong?) but sometimes I don’t have just the thing I need at my fingertips.

I’m beginning to think I should dispense with paper entirely. If I could just scan everything in and upload it to the cloud, it would be searchable in seconds, rather than a mound of slowly mouldering paper. But then again, I don’t think a pdf of my degree certificate is acceptable proof of my education, next time I need to justify my presence to a government body. So you never get away from paper entirely.

Now, time for bed. I can keep telling myself tomorrow I’ll get up and run.

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  1. At this rate the residents of South London may be able to keep up with you as you scamper around the dinosaurs !

  2. I used to file my payslips in my wood burner. Thinking I only need the P60 once a year. Now I am saving them up for a re-mortgage.

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