The November Project

I’m going to start by telling you a story…

Yesterday we had a presentation from a very tall man named Brogan, who founded the November Project, a fitness movement a bit like parkrun but run by bros instead of skinny runners. Crowds of people collect in public spaces in the US at 6:29 in the morning and work out for an hour, for free.

I was intending to get up and do it this morning but I didn’t figure out where exactly it was in San Francisco until 6:25, which left things a bit too late, so I went to the hotel gym instead.

The treadmills were all occupied so I did some weights instead; lots of squats and curls and now my legs hurt and I want to sleep (par for the course with any weight training and me). At least I assume that’s the reason for my soreness, or else it’s the natural consequence of two days sat in a chair not moving. Or perhaps I just should have gone to the November Project.

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