The price ain’t always right

I got a call from my internet provider today, telling me about a great offer. Right now we pay $75 a month and have no issues with the speed of the connection. For the low low price of $125 per month we could have three times the speed, and access to a bunch of TV we don’t have time to watch.
I was less than impressed with this, and so the guy on the phone suggested they had a package that included Netflix. Now, I pay about $15 per month for Netflix, on top of the internet fee, so I suppose if the new offer was less than $90, I’d be happy. I have a sinking feeling that it’s going to be more than $90 and I’m going to have to change internet provider, which is a mild disruption but for a commodity like this, where they want a 66% increase (as a customer retention fee?) I don’t see why I’d stick around.

So that will be a fun call when they ring me back tomorrow.

2 responses to “The price ain’t always right”

  1. Hang on in there. My workplace friend often used to threaten to leave her internet provider, car insurance , breakdown recovery. . Strangely they often were able to offer a “one off “ special rate. Not sure if that will work where you are !

  2. I got called up once with an offer on my mobile contract and when I told him how much I was paying, the guy said, Oh, right, and sounded disappointed and went away. It must have been his first day. And then whatever special offer I’d been on ended and now my kids can’t believe how much I’m paying (the other way round) but I get too confused to think about changing supplier.

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