Today my wife took Destroyer back to the hospital and they removed the cast from her leg, so she’s back to being able to walk again. I’m hoping the week of crawling hasn’t set her back too much; I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.
I didn’t get to see her this evening, because we have an offshore today and as part of that we all went out to dinner. I went through a bit of a dip today: about 11 I was doubting my entire existence and worrying that I was totally unsuited for my occupation, but after I gave my presentation (including one mention of masturbation, as any talk about advertising might do) and after some lunch I felt better. Maybe it was just the early start and the continued lack of sugar in my diet.

This evening we went to Imperial Treasure, a Peking duck specialist in the Paragon shopping centre. I’ve been once before, and it was notable because we split the bill evenly and it was the only time that I’ve ever come off better as a vegetarian as a result ($80 dollar white asparagus, yo). Tonight was on the expense account and it was one of those ludicrous ten course meals, where we got to discuss advertising, technology, homosexual sheep and Queen Victoria, and rap-composing neural networks. All the usual stuff, in other words.

After dinner, I got a taxi home. Ordering a taxi from the Paragon is less convenient than waiting for one, because taxis without passengers that aren’t available for hire can not go to the pick up spot, only the drop off. That sentence feels like a Byzantine bit of nonsense, which is quite possible as I’m so tired I can hardly see, think or breathe. It must be time for beddybyes.

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