Back pain

I didn’t sleep at all well last night because of a muscle I’d tweaked in my back, which turned rapidly into an agonizing knot, painful at any angle. This morning I loaded up on the same painkillers as the last time this happened, huge chalky horsepills of paracetamol and extra special ingredients, all the better to fix me with.

They didn’t seem to make much difference. I made it to work like a zombie, hardly capable of keeping my eyes open, and a strong cup of coffee made little difference. I was doped out, baffled and confused by even simple tasks.

Perhaps that means the drugs were working, they just weren’t doing what i was expecting. Better, I suppose, than the time I woke up with my back in such spasms that i had trouble breathing, and had to have a doctor hit me in the buttock with muscle relaxants. Yeah, any old excuse, I hear you say.

All day long the pain in my back continued. With every sneeze, with every cough, it intensified, even as I popped another horsepill after lunch. At six, I left the office and walked home with La Serpienta Negra, who had come up to see me. She was mostly cheerful, until, as seems to be the way, she had her bath and got enraged again.

I tried to read to her, but by then i was so tired that was going cross eyed, the words swimming across the surface of the Kindle. Only by putting a hand over one eye and squinting with the other could read anything, and the pills have parched my throat and numbed my brain, so she didn’t get a very good excerpt of Declare tonight. What is worse is that i haven’t had the time to record any chapters for her while I’m in absentia next week. Time is running out for entertaining my baby remotely.

Both my wife and I felt a bit brainless, so we slumped on the sofa after putting the baby down to bed. I ate a tofurkey sandwich, barely registering the taste, and listlessly we read bad news on the Guardian’s website. This is a day that could do with ending sooner.

On the positive side of things, I had a bright purple beetroot risotto today, which looked for all the world like a bowl of indigestion remedy for a pensioner. Although the presentation wasn’t all that, it tasted good and didn’t require chewing; in today’s shape, still recovering from the psychological battering of yesterday’s pib quiz, that was probably what I most needed.

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