Coffee and cuteness

Predictably, after yesterday’s battering I couldn’t face going for a run today. As well as my backside, my hands and my elbows my shoulders were sore and I was allowed a rest day on my training schedule anyway, so we celebrated Chinese New Year by not doing very much to begin with, and then rushing about a lot.

I made another coffee for my wife. Today was already a big improvement on yesterday’s effort; I researched quantities and timings on the internet, and for the 8 fluid ounce cafetiere I have, I should be putting in about two tablespoons of coffee, and then letting it sit for three minutes. Frothing the milk takes half a minute and has to be done immediately before serving, because otherwise the froth collapses and then resists efforts to be refrothed. If somebody with a degree level understanding of fluid dynamics or somesuch could explain why that is, I’d be very pleased.

Knowing these things, and being equipped with a smartphone with a plethora of stopwatch applications means that the second coffee was better than the first, although what I really want is a timer that rings once at 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and again 30 seconds later, after I’ve finished frantically agitating the milk frother. And that’s why I should have taken up computer programming.

After the coffee, we went out to Mount Faber to take advantage of the year’s passes we bought last month, immediately reducing the cost per ride to only $19 each. The wind has been blowing hard all week (tonight, La Serpiente cutely complained to me that it was making the doors “rumble”) so we were a bit worried that the cable car wouldn’t be running – so being careful, we didn’t mention to La Serpiente where we were going, in case of disappointment. But a bit of wind won’t stop the cable cars. On the way over to Sentosa Island, there wasn’t any breeze and I figured the gales around our flat were a localised phenomenon. Then we went back up the other way on the cable car to the top of Mount Faber and the wind roared and rattled the cable car, and I regretted what I’d said.

I did get some nice photographs of my daughters looking alternatively happy and pensive though.
The epitome of "crestfallen"

Everything looks gloomier in black and white

When we finally disembarked the cable car, we headed over to the shopping mall because I wanted to celebrate Chinese New Year by buying a new USB hub for my computer. But the only shop that wasn’t open in the mall was the soulless corporation selling USB hubs, so we went and had lunch at Jamie’s Italian (no he’s not, I always want to say, he’s a Londoner). Destroyer was mindbendingly happy, and La Serpiente was content, apart from when she ate my chilli-powder coated French fries. But that means more for me.24890035875_3bb0645e23_z

We went home after that, La Serpiente reaching the limit of her patience and screaming a bit on the way home, before reverting to being cute and sitting on a step opposite our apartment building, and then sleeping for two hours. That was great, as I had a chance to nap.

Except I didn’t nap, I spent my time putting photos up on the internet, like this vaguely terrifying one of La Serpiente after doing some finger painting. Carrie, much?


After La Serpiente woke back up, we managed to go swimming. This normally wouldn’t be an amazing thing to do, but Singapore’s tropical weather has vanished for the last two days and it’s been wet and/or overcast – great for running, but almost too cold for swimming. She was very happy and also got (thankfully) worn out, so it only took me 45 minutes to persuade her to sleep tonight. “Don’t leave Daddy, I love you” and “the wind is making the door rumble” and “I want to sleep next to you” notwithstanding.

So by 9:30 I was celebrating by catching up on work emails, and then reading up on my running plan for tomorrow. I need to do 6 1 km repeats, which is going to be … amusing. After this week’s parkrun, the recent 5k time I have suggests they should all be at 4:33 pace, which sounds easy enough, until you have to figure out where you can find an uninterrupted kilometre to run on (I’m going to try the Marina Bay, and then discover a giant CNY-related effigy in the way, I suppose.)

So it’s high time I was in bed. I wanted to write about London Belongs To Me and the parallel I’ve found with The Great Gatsby, but perhaps I’ll do that tomorrow, along with writing about all the other books I read since Christmas…


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