Proudly sponsored by the number-three fizzy drink manufacturer in all of Naggarond, Canada Die, and in association with the Everett Blood Bowl League and sanctioned by the NAF


Marooned in Northwest Naggarond after their boat sank, the plucky greenskins from the Badlands of the Old World soon set to work organising a Blood Bowl tournament to keep their spirits high and give them something to do apart from gawping at the natural beauty of the region / getting indigestion from eating Dark Elves.

Located so far from civilisation, the Brawl was spurned by the self-esteemed ‘elite’ Blood Bowl star players, but the tournament organisers are happy to see whatever exciting players do choose to turn up.

As a result, the teams playing in the tournament all get some extra money to pay for whatever inducements they can think of – whether that’s bribes, incredibly biassed referees or itinerant chainsaw operatives, anything goes, as long as it’s entertaining.

Finally, this is a tournament organised by the big boys, and there’s nothing big boys like seeing than even bigger boys bashing into one another. There’s a strict rule – if you can have a big boy (or girl) on your team, you’d better bring him (or her)! (If you’re unlucky enough to not have any big boys, we’ll still let you play, we just might sneer at you a bit more than usual.)

As with the other tournaments we run, we want to see diversity in the teams that enter the tournament, and we also recognise that there’s no single definition of fun that everyone has to follow. If you want to bring a terrifying, win-at-all-costs roster with the nastiest combination of star players and inducements you can think of, bring it on. If you think a team of 14 linemen and a halfling chef could be hilarious, we’re here for you too.