Proudly sponsored by the number-three fizzy drink manufacturer in all of Naggarond, Canada Die, and in association with the Everett Blood Bowl League and sanctioned by the NAF


After two successful runnings of the Brawl, the Big Boys will be organising a third Badlands Brawl in April of 2024.

Entry is $15 for NAF members.

For non-NAF members, entry is $20. This includes NAF membership

To enter, Paypal or pay on the day.

Submit your roster through Tourplay, then email (because the rules pack is a bit too hard for Tourplay to totally understand, there’s some checks we need to do to make sure your roster is legal). If you don’t have a NAF number, you’ll get one! But it’s much easier for us if we can get that organised before the day of the tournament. Please be gentle, it’s a rough sport…

All rosters must be received by April 20, 2024 to ensure you have a place available.

In order to make checking your roster as simple as possible, please provide your 1000 TV build plus your skill allocations, and then specify your 200k of inducements separately in your email. Otherwise I’ll get super confused 🙂