Proudly sponsored by the number-three fizzy drink manufacturer in all of Naggarond, Canada Die, and in association with the Everett Blood Bowl League and sanctioned by the NAF

Team Build

Base Team

Each coach receives 1000TV to build their team: players, coaching staff (including (In)famous Coaching Staff), rerolls, bribes, riotous rookies and chef. Team build must include at least 11 players, no star players can be purchased.

Any team capable of rostering at least one player with ST5 or higher must include at least one player with ST5 or higher. So, for example, Deathrollers are compulsory for Dwarf teams.

[As a clarifying note, any team with multiple ST5+ players does not need to include all of them. I’m not quite sure what kind of maniac thinks a halfling team with one tree is a good idea, or enjoys the idea of 10 renegades and a troll hanging out together on the pitch, but everyone has their own idea of fun, you do you (within the rules, of course)]

All Blood Bowl 2020 teams are permissible unless the rules for that team have not been published by GW before April 1, 2024. If there’s both a Team of Legend and a new version of the team published prior to April 1, then the new version supercedes the Team of Legend version. (For the first edition of the Brawl, in 2022, that meant that the new Norse release was unavailable, but the existing Teams of Legend Norse roster could be selected. In 2023, ‘new’ (2022 version) Norse was the only Norse roster available, and similarly, ‘new’ Amazons were the only Amazons available in 2023.)

Note that as many roster creation tools assume league rather than tournament play, there are a few things to watch out for: teams created for leagues begin with one Dedicated Fan, whereas for this tournament, the default is zero. Low Cost Linemen only functions for league play, not for tournaments – nobody gets free Snotlings!


Each team receives 200 TV extra to spend on inducements (including Star Players, excluding wizards, giants and mercenaries). If two teams both roster the same Star Player, that’s fine: the warpstone deposits in northwestern Naggarond often lead to that sort of strange thing happening.

The following inducements are available (refer to the Blood Bowl rule book, Death Zone and the 2021 Spike! Almanac for details and specific costs, as availability and pricing can vary between teams:

  • 0-4 Agency Cheerleaders
  • 0-3 Part Time Assistant Coaches
  • 0-1 Weather Mage
  • 0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs
  • 0-8 Extra Team Training
  • 0-3 Bribes
  • 0-2 Wandering Apothecaries
  • 0-1 Mortuary Assistant
  • 0-1 Plague Doctor
  • 0-1 Riotous Rookies
  • 0-1 Halfling Master Chef
  • 0-2 Star Players
  • 0-2 (In)famous Coaching Staff: Josef Bugman, Kari Coldsteel, Galandril Silverwater, Krot Shockwhisker, Fink Da Fiver, Mungo Spinecracker, Schielund Scharlitan
  • 0-1 Biased Referee: Jorm the Ogre, Thoron, Ranulf, Trundlefoot Triplets, Generic Biased Referee (p95, 2020 rulebook)
  • Waaagh! Drummer
  • Cavorting Nurglings
  • Dwarfen Runesmith
  • Halfling Hot Pot
  • Master of Ballistics
  • Bottles of Heady Brew

Note that you cannot exceed the numerical limits for inducements, even if you buy using both your team build budget and your inducement budget. No getting greedy and trying to run 4 bribes, in other words…

Any star player released prior to April 1 2024, within your inducement budget, is permitted.


Each coach has 120 TV to spend on skills. Primary skills cost 20 TV each, secondary skills cost 40 TV each. No random skills. No two players can have the same skills (so you can’t take 6 Guard players, but you could do Guard + Stand Firm, Guard + Mighty Blow, Guard + Thick Skull). Star players cannot be given extra skills.

Badlands Brawl only?

Despite the name, it’s not mandatory to roster a team with the Badlands Brawl keyword. We welcome all competitors. Want to bring a team with no big guys available? Go ahead? Amazons? Revolting Nurgle monstrosities where it’s unclear if that Rotspawn is a Big Boy or just a mound of disgusting microbes? Bring it on!


For the third running of the Brawl in 2024, there’s an extra team build option available, for only the bravest and most aggressive coaches: Mick Madlad’s Badland Biggest Boy Build:

  • 1250k total team budget
  • 200k limit on inducements is removed. However, it’s mandatory to roster Scylla Anfingrimm and Grashnak Blackhoof, no other Star Players are permitted, no other inducements are allowed
  • At least three regular (non Star Player) team members must have ST5 and above
  • At least two regular (non Star Player) team members must have Frenzy (either as a starting skill or as an additional skill chosen from the skill pack)
  • Team must roster at least 13 players, including Scylla Anfingrimm and Grashnak Blackhoof
  • Skill selection follows the same rules as any other team competing in the Brawl

An example roster for Mick Madlad’s Badland Biggest Boy Build is here. As well as being eligible for any of the main prizes at the Brawl, there is a special prize for the best placement by a coach using Mick Madlad’s Badland Biggest Boy Build.