Proudly sponsored by the number-three fizzy drink manufacturer in all of Naggarond, Canada Die, and in association with the Everett Blood Bowl League and sanctioned by the NAF


The following trophies will be awarded:

  • 1st place
  • Most TDs
  • Most Casualties (we include casualties inflicted on the other team, so fouls, surfs, chainsaws and bombs all count. Failed GFIs and dodges don’t, nor does injuring your own thralls, and if you’re thinking of throwing players, if you eat your own goblin or bury him in the pitch, no points, but if he lands on an opposition player and hurts them, you do get a point)
  • New for 2024 Best Defence (least TDs conceded)
  • New for 2024 Elegant Gentleperson highest ratio of points:casualties, to prove you can get somewhere in life without hurting people
  • New for 2024 Glass Cannon for the team that had the most injuries sustained while hurting more other teams than anyone else did
  • New for 2024 The You Can’t Make An Omelette Without Breaking A Few Eggs Omelette (shared between the two coaches with the highest total casualties in a single match)
  • New for 2024 Madlad (best performance with a Madlad build)
  • Best Stunty
  • Pandemonium (player with the highest total casualties and touchdowns, both for and against)
  • Best Painted
  • Rookie

Other honours that may not deserve a trophy but will still get a mention (and maybe a secret surprise…)

  • Totally Missing The Point Award (first awarded in 2023, usually the strongest non alcoholic beer we can find…)
  • Repulsively Limp Handshake for the team with the lowest total strength
  • “He’s Got Hands Like Hams!” Commemorative Urn for the team with the highest total strength

Scoring is as follows:

  • Win: 50 points
  • Draw: 20 points
  • Loss by no more than 1 touchdown: 10 points
  • Loss by more than 1 touchdown: 0 points
  • Forfeit: -10 points

In the case of a tie on points between two coaches, winning is decided in the following order

  • Head to Head results
  • Strength of Schedule (total points of opponents)
  • TD diff average
  • TD for average
  • Cas diff average
  • Cas for average
  • Coin Toss