Early start

My alarm went off at 3:30 this morning and we pulled ourselves out of bed. Getting to the airport was blissfully easy; we moved all the luggage out to the lift first, and then plucked out drowsing children from their beds and took them down to the car park. This time round we made our lives simpler by hiring a taxi with car seats for the kids rather than hump carseats and boosters down with us. Destroyer was calm and La Serpiente at first clingy, then perky as we travelled through the dark.

After Immigration, La Serpiente got me to pull her around the terminal on her suitcase, demanding I bought her candy and refusing offers of frothed milk. As per every time I move my daughter on wheeled transport, she yelled at me to pull her faster, until one acceleration too many surprised her and she fell off the back of the suitcase. I avoided laughing at her and then we went to the gate, where apart from a near meltdown when she had to relinquish Uncle Henk to the x-ray machine, she remained copacetic.

On the plane, she watched the Secret Life Of Pets until the conflict in the second act scared her, shouted"babycinno!" at the flight attendant who asked her what she was drinking, then fell asleep on my arm. So again, a quiet, easy flight. I just sit and watch faintly dreadful material on the TV like Bad Moms or Ballers or Vice Principals and wonder what madness awaits us on the second flight.

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  1. I also avoided laughing, when you used a word I have never seen used in a book or article in my entire life – copacetic indeed!

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