First disappointment of the year

I got up at six this morning, clipped my wife’s iPod to my shorts and went out for a run, ready for forty minutes of Spanish revision.

Except the iPod didn’t work.

Frustratingly, if I plug it into the computer it turns ok and syncs. If I unplug it, the screen turns on and I can navigate the menus. But if I unplug it and leave it five minutes, as I did when I headed downstairs to go running, then the screen goes dark and refuses to awake. The power button is the culprit, a common enough problem with the 6th generation of iPod Nanos for there to be web pages on how to repair it. (You prise open the player and get busy with a soldering iron, which I don’t fancy.) It’s very annoying, because it means that square of aluminum and glass is pretty useless, but I can’t justify spending nearly two hundred dollars on a replacement.

It feels as though iPods have become more and more fragile with time. I suppose part of that is because there are now many more of them (with many more available to go wrong) and as they’re squeezed into ever smaller form factors, tolerance and resilience must suffer, but it’s aggravating that while my 2007 hard drive iPod still chugs along, three different generations of iPod Nano have now died and been consigned to the space under our mattress to rot. I feel a bit stupid for buying headphones now.

The run went ok, nonetheless. I couldn’t be bothered to take the iPod off and go back upstairs, so I ran the whole way with headphones on and iPod attached. Having in-ear headphones on is a slightly isolating experience, but in the chill pre-sunrise dark it doesn’t cut you off from humanity. I could hear my breathing much more keenly as I did my circuit of the bay. Apart from that, I didn’t notice I was wearing them, the mark of a good pair of headphones.

It was such an easy run and such a cool morning that I wasn’t even sweaty when I got home. I showered, played with La Serpiente Aquatica Negra and then walked to work, where I wrestled with databases for much of the day.

The Friday after New Year is a rather unproductive day. Clients aren’t back to work yet, the week has been interrupted by having the Thursday omitted and many things need sign off or input from people who won’t show up until Monday. So I tidied and planned as best I could, in preparation for next week. 2015 is going to go faster than 2014, just as it was an acceleration on 2013, and so on and so on.

I came home late, having gone by the bike shop to pick up my bike. With slick tyres on it goes unfeasibly quickly on the road: I’m excited to see how much time I can take off my commute to the East Coast Park tomorrow morning. The temptation will be to keep these tyres on when I next go off-road, which would lead to a short but hilarious ride into a bush, one suspects.

As I arrived at the lift, somebody stopped me to ask about my bike. It turns out that a good way to meet mountain bikers in Singapore is just to hang around long enough with a heavy duty bike in the entrance to the lifts of an HDB. I need to get a bit fitter before I attempt to ride off road again (the last time in Singapore comprehensively destroyed me) but it’s nice to be able to meet people in the community so easily.

And so to bed. Another 6am start tomorrow. When does the weekend get to be a time for relaxation?

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  1. Yeah, I’ve read those fixit pages as well – not much help to your average amateur. However do you not have i-repair shops that fix things? I’ve had a broken screen, and also a broken power key on iPhones past, and it’s 30-40 pounds to fix it, you just post it off and they post it back. (Having fixed it, obviously.)
    My daughter’s iPod is v4 and getting on, and she has no phone, so I went to get her Christmas present today(!) I was set on the iPhone 5c because of its i-ness ie compatibility with all other things i, but when I saw them in the shop, I went Samsung Galaxy 5 instead, so that she could put all her music on it and watch films on the big screen (the 5c only has 8GB and no expansion!!)
    The 4’s lasted a long time though, no complaints.

  2. Hope your run goes well tomorrow. And glad the bike got fixed. As for the I pod – too much technology – surely there is someone out there who can fix it ! ?

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