Out at the pool
Today was the first time in years that I got a blister from running; about a kilometre from the end of the parkrun, I felt my left shoe loosen, and then begin to chafe against my heel, and then the inevitable occurred and I’ve been hobbling ever since. I had an ok run, putting in a 21:30; a couple of years ago that would have been a good result for me, but now it’s much too slow. Blame it on the travel, on the vomit, and the lack of sleep.

Today was also the first time I had Destroyer riding on my shoulders for any length of time. It’s easier to carry La Serpiente, a two-and-a-half year old, on my shoulders than a six month old Destroyer, because with La Serpiente I can hold her ankles, whereas with Destroyer I have to keep my arms above my head to hold her securely in place. But it’s still a way to placate her when she’s upset – she is as enthusiastic about pulling at my hair as when she was a month old and pulling at her own.

And as a third first, today we got to put Destroyer in a swimming pool. She was very happy to be dunked in, including going underwater a few times. At this age, they automatically shut their mouths when dunked, which is highly convenient. It was also La Serpiente’s first time back in a pool since we were in the UK, and happily she’s remembered about paddling and kicking, and showed no reluctance to get back in.

After all these firsts I was exhausted and glad to go home for a nap. We had our first ride in a red taxi in years where the driver wasn’t a lunatic, then we all slept for an hour before we had to entertain La Serpiente with ice cream and running around.

At least we finished the day off properly, drinking wine, eating cheese and playing Cranium. Now we just have two more sleeps until Monday. Rock and roll!

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