Further lack of sleep

I didn’t wake up very early this morning, because my daughter had been howling at me late in the night. I’d been so tired that I couldn’t get out of bed, so I’d held the pillow over my head to try (unsuccessfully) to block out the noise, in the hope that after a few minutes she’d give up and go back to sleep.

She didn’t.

She kept screaming and staring at me until my wife sent me off to the spare room, where without air conditioning I melted in the sweaty heat, and when I did finally crawl out of bed this morning, I was a ruined man.

Surprisingly, after all the wine I drank last night I wasn’t hungover. I was quite capable of putting La Serpiente Negra into my backpack and walking off to buy coffee, to go to the supermarket, even to renegotiate my mobile phone contract. All these things are probably making me stronger in the long term, but slower in the short term as my body adjusts to carrying all this extra weight around with me.

In short, I’m not training very well for the race at the end of the month. Yesterday, I managed a kilometer or so; today, I did five, but painfully slowly. Compared to Thursday, when I ran five k in just under 21 minutes, I was just a hobbled donkey, limping along. (and then I discovered this evening that my best 5k time was from March 2009, a week after my wife and I started dating, and after all this training this year I’m still slightly off that pace – so much for feeling quick on Thursday).

This week, as with so many weeks, I’ve boldly resolved to train more consistently. I hope that means that in seven days time, I’ve actually done a few runs closer to the half marathon I’m doing in four weeks time. Otherwise it may take me four weeks to complete it.

Annoyingly, my Garmin GPS is coming apart. Possibly all my sweat is melting it; the strap is peeling away from the body of the watch, without any obvious way to fix it. This is aggravating because although alternatives to Garmin do exist, the online tools for tracking performance aren’t as good as Garmin’s. So I may be stuck with buying another watch with an eighteen month lifespan. Or a roll of duct tape.

Tonight, I sleep in a room with a dehumidifier running, and possibly a sleep mask over my eyes. Somehow, I have to get a good night’s sleep. I have to, lest my brain fall out my ears.

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  1. Hope you all sleep well tonight. Suppose you can’t even blame it on the Chinese New Year anymore !

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