Further travels

I took a flight to Bangkok this afternoon. Our office in Singapore is only 15 minutes’ drive from the airport, so you can leave pretty late and still catch the flight. I’m staying at the Westin and that’s also close to the airport, just 12 miles away down the freeway. Which would be a nice quick journey if it weren’t for the snarled up traffic for the last 2 miles – it took me 2 and a half hours to fly to Bangkok, and an hour to get to the hotel from the airport. And the last 2 miles of that journey took me half an hour. Something isn’t quite right about that.

The Westin is nice but devoid of any personality, like Westins around the globe. The only food on offer in the restaurants was Japanese or salad, so I went over the road to the Sheraton with a colleague, where, still cocooned by the Starwood brand, we were at least able to have Thai food. In Thailand. How revolutionary. Now I’m back in the hotel room, thinking back on my day.

La Serpiente was greatly upset when I told her I would be away for the next couple of mornings. We had a long crying jag where she kept demanding that both her parents took her to school today (I suppose two parents on one day makes up for a lack of one parent on other days?) but she had recovered her joie de vivre by the time we got to Tiong Bahru. Our careful drilling of her / our incessant stuffing of breakfast into her face meant that I got her to school without recourse to pain au chocolat – that makes 1 day out of 2 this week. I’ll take a 50% success rate.

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