It wasn’t the cough that carried her off

My wife dispatched me to the office today with a dozen peppermint chocolate cookies and a dozen ginger nuts. This was only a small fraction of how much she baked last night, but at least by taking them to work and spreading them amongst my coworkers I reduced my overall biscuit consumption.

Then again, given how I’ve lost weight since I got back from New York in September, perhaps I can afford to stuff myself with a kilo or two of confectionery. It’s not like we’re a month away from Christmas, season of eating much too much.

La Serpiente Aquatica Negra has a bit of a cough at the moment, which means she wakes herself up spluttering. The doctor gave us some medication last week to help break up her phlegm, but unfortunately the medication is orange juice flavour, and our daughter doesn’t do orange juice. That means she refuses to drink it, and the best we can do is to put into a syringe and squirt it into her mouth. While she howls and screams and spits it back out.

This is not the most relaxing way for her to prepare for bed. It also makes the bed wet if she spits up enough of the medication, and as we haven’t purchased a set of rubberised sheets this means there will probably be a persistent stench of orange flavouring in the bedroom for the next few months. On the bright side, our daughter has stopped coughing and we move out of the apartment in March when our lease is up (by which time I hope her cough has cleared up too).

I wonder if in years to come she’ll recollect her parents holding her down on the bed and squirting stuff from a syringe into her mouth. Some therapist could make some money out of this.

Apart from this fun end to the day, and feeling dreadful for most of the day through a combination of a head cold and sleep deprivation, very little happened to me. Except for my first birthday cake of the year: it’s not my birthday until Monday, but at lunchtime today the office ambushed me with a chocolate banana cake. Which was a nice beginning to the celebrations of my revolving around the sun again.

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