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One goal that I was given while La Serpiente Negra is living it up in Canada was to work on my novel; another was to run more, and a third was to get more sleep. Although I’ve been keeping to at least a thousand words a week and putting in two hard sessions at the track every week, more sleep has eluded me.

Partly this is because every morning, I get up at 6:45 because I have to switch on a process for work which takes two hours to run. Then at 7am it’s 8pm in Halifax, so of I’m lucky I get quality time with my daughter, but usually it’s the screaming hour so I return to full consciousness as La Serpiente Negra bellows at full volume. After that I’m shambling to work before I know it.

In the evening I seem to be working later and later; training a new team means things take longer and I usually end up doing a twelve hour day, when you take into account the early start, the late finish, and the never ending tide of emails. That means when I get home I’m in need of extra time to decompress, so I go to bed later and later, and that puts a further squeeze on the time available for sleep.

The Fitbit doesn’t lie: the only time I’ve had more than six hours of decent sleep in the last two weeks was when I was so hungover on Sunday that I couldn’t get out of bed, and drunken sleep doesn’t really count. At least now I know I should be going to bed earlier, even if that means there’s no time to eat dinner or read.

I’ve realized I only need to get up and start work at 8:30; although my first task takes two hours, the deadline is always 11am so I should be able to claw back more sleep in the morning. Unfortunately, the hour of the baby is immobile so I seem to be stuck with a 7am start (and I need a head start on my child if I’m to do more than just growl at her).

If only I could find somewhere in the office to nap. One forty-five minute bonus snooze per day would make life so much easier. But since the stationery cupboard was repurposed, that’s a forlorn hope. It will be a crowning irony if I get more sleep per day when I visit my baby than when I’m hiding away from her.

3 thoughts on “Not enough

  1. I sleep in my car for half a hour at lunch times. When it’s really hot this sleeping lunch moves to really early in the day, about 11.30am.

    I am not sure what will happen when I move house and won’t necessarily have the car at work, since I am not sure how I will survive the day. I may have to get more sleep at night…

    1. Now that’s a good reason for continued car ownership.

      It never would have worked for me when I had a car though, as there was nowhere to sleep, what with the assorted detritus over the front seats, and the mound of mountain bikes filling the back of the car.

      1. Luckily I’ve got a big car. I’ve still got a wheel sitting in the back of it, plus some craft equipment and various other things I had to clear out when I was having house viewings.

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