Off to a crawling start

Destroyer started to crawl a day or so ago. I didn’t notice until today: yesterday she was making her way across the floor by grabbing with her hands and heaving, her legs sliding fairly uselessly behind her, but today she was really in the swing of things. She can also sit up now from a prone position, like a slightly terrifying Transformer shifting from commando- to Buddha-mode. Our apartment is soon to be a war zone between two small children, and it will only get crazier when she can talk back to La Serpiente.

Meanwhile at salsa we learnt a new move. I spin around with my wife’s hand on my shoulder, then duck my head under her arm and pop up on the other side of her. As I need a hair cut it looks like a slightly depraved bear that’s trying to get under a gate, and it made the instructor laugh, even as he claimed I was doing it just as instructed.

Also, because I have got my arms confused, I was unintentionally spinning my wife with left turns, rather than the far easier right turn. Things do have a habit of getting complicated quite quickly around me.

However, it’s now ten o’clock and my brain is bereft of sense and reason. I’ve had calls since 8:30 this morning and I’m struggling to keep awake, so I think it’s time to abandon the struggle and go straight to bed. Damage limitation and all that.

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