Problems with ears and mouths

La Serpiente woke up cheerful and back to her normal temperature today, but as in all things there was fluctuation, and her ear was inflamed, and after another day at home watching TV, her fever came back, and went, and came back again. Perhaps annoyed at being left out of this fun, Destroyer decided this would be a good day to refuse to swallow her food, and just stood around for twenty minutes staring at us with a mouthful of beetroot felafel, not even masticating it, and then threw a fit of rage when we chucked her uneaten dinner in the bin.
Oh the hilarity.

We bathed La Serpiente while Destroyer raged, but then we had to squirt stuff in La Serpiente’s ear. She shrieked with terror, frankly sprinting her way up the ladder to the top of her bunkbed, and had to be cajoled and wrestled down and dosed, weeping all the while. Between that and hiding in her wardrobe from her mother because she was scared of having her ear done, it was a really unrestful way to begin the evening.

And then I had to read to her from her lift-the-flap book about the human body, concentrating on the ear ("this is where pain comes from, Tissy") and the brain ("this is where madness lies, Tissy") before bed.

This was also a night where I’d made plans to go climbing, and my climbing partner had come round to collect me, so I had the stress of sitting in La Serpiente’s room trying to bed her down while waiting to go out.

Three times the bear sang, and just like St Peter my daughter denied me a night out. Er, well, Biblical references are not my strong point. I stole out, sent my friend on her way to the climbing wall, went back in to placate La Serpiente some more, and then was ushered out by my wife, who’d got the Incredible Non-Swallowing Machine to sleep in less than 45 minutes (usually Destroyer demands at least 90 minutes of your time).

So I went off and climbed for an hour and change, then came home, sore of muscle but light of heart (again, more things I can climb that I couldn’t before), and peace reigned. Until La Serpiente got up at 11:45 and began wailing again. It will be a long night.

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