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We went to the Queenstown Public Library this afternoon; it’s slightly more convenient than the National Library to get to, as it’s just four stops on the train and then a short walk past a building site. Since they demolished the derelict Queenstown Bowling Centre a few years ago, there’s really nothing in Queenstown, whereas the National Library is in the middle of Bugis, surrounded by shops and cafes. Then again, if we’re serious about giving up sugar in February, removing temptations is a good thing.

The Queenstown Public Library is housed in a fairly brutal building, all grey concrete on the outside, and is apparently a national heritage site, as it was one of the first public libraries. Of course, inside it you don’t have to look at it, and because the children’s area covers most of the ground floor, it feels perhaps less claustrophobic than the National Library. No fake trees, but there is a view from the window of real grass.

You can return books from any library in Singapore at any library in Singapore, which is jolly convenient, except we seem to have lost one of the books we borrowed last time. I dread to find out what are the consequences of mislaying Heart In A Bottle, even if La Serpiente didn’t really take to it.

La Serpiente had slept badly last night, then woke early this morning, refused her scrambled eggs at Ronin, and napped uncommonly early at noon, which meant she woke early at two, which meant by the time we left the library at 5:30 she was almost delirious with exhaustion, and my wife and I were wishing there was a place to buy a snack near the library.

As there wasn’t, we had a surprisingly good pizza at a little restaurant inside a soulless shopping mall near our house. La Serpiente refused to eat that too, and now we worry that, since the last time she ate pizza was also the day she got food poisoning, she associates pizza with a night of vomiting. Which is great – a badly prepared bowl of pasta at the zoo and her phenomenal memory have conspired to give her a complex about food.

Thus, getting her through bath and into bed was a trying affair this evening, although once she was in bed there was none of the usual flim-flam: she lay down and slept within five minutes. And then woke up ninety minutes later weeping, and then went straight back down again. I really hope we’re not back to 90 minute sleep cycles every night. (Although I went out for a run, after lying on the sofa and discovering I have a resting heart rate of 40bpm, like a blue whale or something very dull that doesn’t have to move much – and I think she didn’t wake up while I was out.)

The only other thing to mention about Queenstown is that it contains an absolutely enormous mound of gigantic cinder blocks being used for construction. Or possibly the largest game of Jenga in the world:

And yes, there’s an actual guy standing on top of that, not a homage to Antony Gormley’s iron statues from around London.

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