A quiet start in New York

Our first day in New York started with a visit to Ess A Bagels (or as my wife pronounces them, “bagels”) where we ordered a couple of cinnamon raisin bagels. Just as last night at the airport, the glass of the display cabinet somehow warps light, so what looked like a normal sized bagel to the observer turns out to be as big as your head.

Then again, this is New York. Perhaps that has been the normal size of bagels all along.

We crossed the street to a coffee shop to get lattes, then wandered around for a while, getting lost. I was feeling a little weak and in need of vitamins, and curiously it seems next to impossible to buy effervescent vitamin C in the US. Last time I bought vitamins out here they were branded as “One A Day” but the instructions on the back said to always take two, which erodes a lot of your trust in advertising. Finally on the bottom shelf in Duane Reed, we located some sachets of effervescent vitamins, although that’s not as much fun as having a pill to drop in things, it would have to do.

I didn’t feel that jetlagged though. Perhaps Gold frequent flyer status is this magical shield you can use to stave off temporal dislocation.

The rest of the morning we didn’t do much. We visited Whole Foods to buy some food for La Serpiente Aquatica Negra, and then I paid an extortionate amount for internet access in the hotel. We had lots of excitement planned for the evening, but the morning was, sensibly enough, time for rest and recuperation, not full on excitement.

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