Rush rush rush

Today, another slow start. I really shouldn’t have stayed up so late watching Blade II, but I was shocked to discover that as well as Luke Goss from Bros, Danny John-Jules from Red Dwarf was also an evil action-vampire. And whatshisname from Beauty and the Beast, that unlamented 80s TV show. This morning I coughed up phlegm while the sky darkened: another rainstorm that justified not going for a run.

The harsh sun and the heat kind of justify staying indoors during the daytime. Eventually, in the grips of cabin fever, i left to go buy porridge and soap, but that wasn’t until well past 4pm. A day or two ago, dumbstruck by my hangover, that would have been tolerable, but now staying at home is very, very boring.

I walked to and from the supermarket, which was good exercise, but now I am afflicted with heat rash on my wrist and elbow – not so good. It’s also dangerous for me to go to Singaporean shopping malls on my own because there’s a reasonable chance I might return holding one of those things you use to develop abdominal muscles via lots of electrical shocks, and that would not be a wise use of money.

At least I got out for a run this evening, although later and more sweaty than I’d planned. I did 5k, my vest soaking wet and sticking to me, and then I had my second shower of the day, went out for dinner, then came home and Skyped. This is very convenient, but I’ve decided to try to get at least 7 hours sleep every night until I get to see my wife again, and staying up late Skyping is probably incompatible with this. I’m also trying to give up coffee (two days already, and as there’s only a short working week in Singapore I stand a chance of successfully going cold turkey) but to be successful, I really need all the sleep I can get, and that means going to bed before eleven if I’m going to get an early morning run in.

Thus it was quite a bad idea to start reading a great novel set in Seattle this afternoon: hopefully I have the will to stop reading by bedtime tonight…

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