Slow Day

Last night I was on baby whispering duty. My wife has strained something while having to constantly pick La Serpiente Negra out of the cot, so I was responsible for calming our child down. It turns out we have slightly different approaches. She picks up the little one and,after she’s calm, puts her down and rubs her belly, while being,as quiet as possible. I try to avoid picking up our child, and just speak to her quietly, reminding her of her duty to sleep so that she’ll be fresh and ready for the following day’s shouting, drooling and grabbing. I rub her on the back until she gives up howling and slumps forward. Last night, she only woke up yelling at midnight, one and three a.m. Each time, I woke from a very deep sleep, feeling simultaneously exhausted and bemused that I hadn’t been unconscious for at least an entire day. But each time, our child went back to sleep fairly quickly. Mercifully quickly.

As a result, I was a bit sluggish today, more so than I had hoped for. I found myself snacking on office junk food, handful after handful of Goldfish biscuits. At least I stayed off the Coke. I suppose I was also fairly worn out from last night’s exertion. When I went for my run this morning, my legs were leaden and I couldn’t even manage half a kilometer before giving up. I have a fresh start at MacRitchie tomorrow to get up for.

Still, I survived the day. I managed to have a meeting where I drew a cartoon pirate kidney bean (with eye patch and peg leg) shouting instructions at a Venn diagram. Sometimes I really doubt the wisdom of giving me control of a whiteboard. I only had one coffee, which means now I’m gradually rolling down the slope to slumber rather than ricocheting off it in consternation and surprise.

Despite my fatigue and my wife’s malfunctioning, our child was as full of energy as ever. In less than a week, her walking skills have gone from cruising around the edge of the sofa, to arousing little more than complacency in her parents as she strides across the room. So confident is she, so normal does it feel, that I hardly even notice that she’s doing it any more.

How long, then, before she’s running?

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