Spanish practices

I had a Spanish lesson tonight, catching up for a lesson I missed last year. Language classes in the evening are challenging enough after a day at work, but doing two in three days, along with a hard track session and a spinning class at lunchtime, completely wrecks you.

What was more, I’d been dumb enough to allow myself to be scheduled into meetings from 8am all the way through to eleven. It’s bad enough to have a meeting so early in the day that I have to sprint down the street to the office tk make it in time, but to have three more meetings after that, without a moment to regroup in between, and with no time in the morning to do anything apart from be in meetings, really breaks your day.

In some ways the spinning class was a very good thing, as it broke the day up and provided some useful punctuation, before I went back into meetings for much of the afternoon. However, as with every spinning class I do, I was a limp wreck afterwards, and it’s not as if I get the opportunity for an hour’s lie down afterwards to recuperate. I’d taken a sandwich to work to eat after the class, but because I was soooo hungry this morning that was gone by 11am, and by the time I had a chance to sneak out later in the afternoon for a snack, all that was left were ice cream sandwiches, hardly a good source of nutrition.

Thus to be able to say more than "Yo estoy muy cansado" tonight wasn’t really much of a possibility. I sat there wondering why I was so incapable of speech, then went to dinner in Bugis, then went home to collapse onto the sofa. Tomorrow, I hope, I can sleep some.

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