My wife and I both passed out in the living room this evening, exhausted from the day. We’d kept La Serpiente Aquatica Negra up until 7:30 tonight before giving her a bath and putting her to bed: until then she’d been quite happily running to and fro in the apartment, alternately eating broccoli casserole and reading Each Peach Pear Plum, and we didn’t want to interrupt this bliss with trying to put her down prematurely.

Baby in bed, we bought Blade Runner from the iTunes store, and settled down to watch it.

But, just as when I was stupid enough to buy Blade II, it takes more than four hours to download a two hour film (is that because it has Blade in the title and it has to be checked for offensive weaponry) and there was no way we were staying up until midnight. So much for video on demand.

My wife was exhausted from looking after the child all day. I was tired out because I’d returned to 7cycle for the first time in two weeks, and the day after a hard track session, and not gone easy on myself. All afternoon had been a bit of a struggle for me, despite wearing compression socks and having eaten a big bowl of fruit, and I had been glad to get home and flop on the sofa. Also, homemade biscuits…

So when I awoke at 11 this evening on the sofa, it was the second time I’d regained consciousness on the sofa today. The first time was about five this morning, when my left calf suddenly cramped up and I writhed in excruciating pain. A colleague suggested to me that I take a cold bath to alleviate this, which would be very helpful if we had a bath, and it was full of cold water so I wouldn’t be lying on the floor in abject agony waiting for it to fill up. But, well, it was a helpful suggestion. That I woke up this second time without being in screaming pain was a real bonus, although I worry now about how well I’ll sleep tonight.

But, after two hard days’ exercise, clearly time for a bit of a rest. I need to do about six and a half hours of easy running to get the ratio of easy to hard exercise back to an optimal position. Not sure that will happen between now and Sunday…

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