Another four miles at the track

After last night’s abortive attempt to go running, I suppose I was rested. Kind of. I left work late, rushed home, went out without my trusty compression socks, and arrived at the track 5 minutes late, missing the warm up. Surely not a good start.

After a one lap jog to get ready (having rushed from the station to the stadium), I started with the others; 3x1200m, each in 7 minutes (including rest) then 3x800m, each in 5 minutes. This was much more pleasant than the alternating 1200/800m sets we’ve done in the past, but I was still worried I’d be far behind.

On the first lap, I went out much too quick, doing about a 1:25, and slowed on the second lap, before recovering on the third. I’d been planning to stick to 1:36 throughout (and that had felt aggressive) so I was pleased with the faster pace.

I kept it up. For the next lap. For the remaining 800m, I ran significantly slower, but better than 1:34 for each lap.

Third time unlucky. A hard 1:28, then ten seconds slower on the second lap, and three seconds slower again for the third lap. I started to get irrationally angry at the woman jogging around on the inside lane, carrying an iPhone and sticking her elbows out like she was trying to barge past shoppers at the Great Singapore Sale.

Still, two and a half minutes to recover. After that, an ok 1:32, a lacklustre 1:40. A slower 1:34, a poor 1:46. And finally 1:38 and 1:50, when I had to trick my body by telling myself I’d pack it in after the penultimate lap, before continuing.

So on the downside, not very consistent: I certainly went out too fast. But on the positive side, I went out fast, and if I hadn’t been pushing myself I wouldn’t have got those quick laps in to begin with. Together, those four laps were a better than 6 minute mile, and although that’s 50% slower than Roger Bannister’s world record from the 1950s, it’s a nice round number. If I could stick to 1:30 pace (which I can’t right now, and probably can’t this year) that would be an 18:45 5k, so sub-20 doesn’t seem unattainable.

I meandered home, glad I’d remembered a bottle of ginger beer to recuperate with. I think I’d have fainted without that bit of sugar. When I got home, I discovered I’d sweat out about a kilo and a half today. Now I just need to find a way to keep strong enough to carry La Serpiente Negra when she comes back into my life.







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