BA Bassinets and beer

You’re always advised to avoid alcohol on flights, so I felt like the World’s Greatest Dad when I had a beer with my dinner last night, my daughter passed out in my lap.

British Airways’ baby bassinets are rated up to 18 kg. You’d have to be a pretty fat baby to weigh more than that. Unfortunately, you aren’t allowed to put a child in a bassinet if it’s more than two years old, so I couldn’t load La Serpiente in, even though she’s a paltry 14 kilos.

I was also too frightened to put her on her own seat and then have her wake up, so she lay on my lap for eight hours, crushing my legs and numbing me below the waist. But she slept for eight hours, so I have no complaints.

The flight itself was uneventful; the seat belt light stayed on for an hour after takeoff, and then as soon as it was turned off we had a patch of turbulence, but nothing else. Smooth, smooth running. We got through Customs without a hitch. The only aggravations at Heathrow are how far you have to walk without any travelators, and how all the ablebodied people without lots of luggage jam up the lifts when they could take the escalators. But perhaps they just knew I was feeling home sick for Singapore.

There was a big crash on the M4 this morning which delayed our pickup. We drove past the aftermath later; a BMW that had rolled and spun, and all three lanes blocked while the Highway Agency cleared up. La Serpiente wasn’t happy with the delay and howled at me until my wife gave her a cookie, which she didn’t actually want to eat. I wanted the cookie, so she dog-in-a-mangered me for ages, grinding the cookie into my t-shirt, until eventually she relinquished it by shoving the remains in my mouth. Then she passed out and we had an uneventful drive through the empty streets of 7am London. Travel’s not so hard sometimes.

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