Proudly sponsored by the number-three fizzy drink manufacturer in all of Naggarond, Canada Die, and in association with the Everett Blood Bowl League and sanctioned by the NAF


The first Big Boys’ Badland Brawl was run on April 30, 2022. A total of 22 coaches played, with visitors from as far away as Colorado, as well as British Columbia, Idaho and Oregon, against a substantial local crowd.

Winner of the first ever Badlands Brawl, Biff Hall

Who doesn’t like prizes? As well as custom trophies, the winner took home a box of the brand new Norse, while every participant got a star player courtesy of those nice people at Punga. And since it was a celebration of Big Boys, everyone also got a copy of the smallest Big Guy, Akhorne… Winning the prize was one of the out-of-towners, Biff Hall, coaching the 4-big guy roster of Tomb Kings to victory.

The second Big Boys Badland Brawl was won by Eric’s Shambling Undead, a worrying thought as that’s twice a team with no big guy worthy of a negatrait has triumphed; we’re hoping that next time around, somebody boneheaded or really stupid takes the grand prize.