Flying from Singapore to Canada

The flight back to London wasn’t great. My seat was 55F: in the middle of the back row of the plane, boxed in on either side, with a malfunctioning entertainment unit that consistently waited until I was half way through a film before suddenly lapsing into a blur of static and grey smears. A positive result of this situation was that I went to sleep, rather than staying awake for the entire film and watching too much television.

At Heathrow, things were better. I haven’t been to Terminal 2 for a long time, or if I have, they have extensively renovated. Although it took about ten minutes’ brisk walk to get to the terminal from the train station, once there the layout is similar to Terminal 5; all light and airy and spacious. Perhaps it helped that I got there at six a.m., long before the madding crowds, but looking at the departure boards there weren’t very many flights leaving today. I had six hours to kill, wandering around eating too much and trying to find presents for people in Canada. There’s a branch of John Lewis in the terminal, and they sell ridiculously cute bathing suits for small children. I was tempted to pick something up for La Serpiente Aquatica Negra, but worried I might not pick up quite the right size for her.

As luck would have it, after being stuck with the worst seat on the plane on my first flight, I got a bulkhead row seat at the front of the economy cabin on the Air Canada flight. The seats feel narrower than I’m used to, but having the extra legroom is always a good thing. Especially when you don’t pay any extra for it.

I’m still not sure about Air Canada. They’re about the only carrier with a flight to Halifax from London, so there isn’t much choice, but the staff weren’t capable of bringing the vegetarian meal I’d requested – it was only by luck that i could eat anything on the plane because one of the meal choices was safely bland pasta. Then again, the cabin staff on BA couldn’t read; they eventually delivered a meal tray to me but seemed utterly flummoxed that it was for me. You’d think the label saying 55F would have given it away.

Still, can’t complain. I have my backup bag of cashews in the overhead, just in case…

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