Swimming Pools

This morning I didn’t have a Spanish lesson so I accompanied the rest of my family to a condo near Orchard Road for a swimming lesson. La Serpiente Negra hasn’t been swimming for a few weeks so I was worried she would be put off, but she returned to it like a duck to water. Like a black water snake to water.

Her swimming lesson consisted of two main things: firstly, holding her horizontal in the water and encouraging her to kick forward, and secondly, passing her from parent to parent, dipping her underwater in the middle of the transfer. I was startled to find that when she reappeared from underwater, she had a look not of terror or disgust, but wide-eyed excitement. Almost as if she was enjoying it.

I got sun burnt, because I have a milky white complexion and forgot that I shouldn’t be standing outside under a midday sun in a body of reflective liquid. We left, heading off to a slightly decrepit industrial estate to get La Serpiente Negra’s chariot repaired (it randomly decides to close itself up while there’s a baby in it), and then went home to bed.

I needed sleep because there had been another assault on our rest by our baby. I got about five and a half hours of sleep, then shambled like a zombie until it was time for the swimming lesson. I did get a chance to deposit the contents of our piggy bank into the savings account ($133, absurdly enough) but I was a pretty broken man.

This afternoon I got to catch up on some sleep, and then this evening we went to another condo, where I had a bottle of wine and a huge meal, then went to the pool and floated around for a while. My wife told me it was time to dip my head underwater, just as my daughter can. I tried. This was not an enjoyable thing. I did not emerge wide eyed and excited, but baffled and with water pouring out of my nose. On the other hand, my daughter hadn’t drunk a bottle of wine before her swimming lesson, so perhaps things were a bit different for her.

At least it was past nine at night, so I didn’t get any more sunburn. Perhaps tomorrow will be easier for my body.

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