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  • Swimming Lesson #23

    Swimming Lesson #23

    When I got in the pool today, I realised it had been a long time since I was last swimming, and I worried that I would have forgotten everything. Luckily, I started fifteen minutes early, so I had a chance to gradually reacquaint myself with the pool. This was also the first outing for my […]

  • Endure

    Over the past few days I’ve enjoyed reading Endure by Alex Hutchinson, subtitled "Mind, Body and The Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance". In this he explores various theories that have evolved over the last hundred years about what endurance and fatigue are, from the what-everyone-was-told-at-school lactic acid explanation for fatigue, through to the modern […]

  • Swimming Lesson #21

    Swimming Lesson #21

    Today I remembered not to drink too much coffee, and I kept quite hydrated before my lesson, but I also ate three Krispy Kreme doughnuts, so I guess things averaged out.

  • Swimming Lesson #20

    Swimming Lesson #20

    Today we videoed my freestyle, so for the first time I can see what I’ve been doing. I regret that we didn’t record what I looked like on my first lesson, but then I’m not sure watching me freak out at the idea of submerging my face would have been so enjoyable. Well, enjoyable for […]

  • A slight setback

    Tonight I had my first climbing related injury. I went for my regular weekly training session, and instead of the usual regime of squats and lunges and pull ups, we spent the first half hour on the wall, climbing more and more challenging problems, until I was defeated. Everything up to a 12 I can […]

  • Swimming Lesson #19

    Swimming Lesson #19

    Today I did eight laps of freestyle, eight laps of breaststroke, twelve laps of backstroke and then four more of freestyle and four more of breaststroke to cool down. I also discovered that last week’s discovery, my silicone swimming cap, was a bit small for my unfeasibly large head, and was more like a silicone […]

  • Swimming Lesson #18

    Swimming Lesson #18

    At the weekend, while my wife was buying shoes and I was wondering if the cheeseburger I’d eaten was going to kill me or not, I bought a swimming hat. And yesterday, when I gave up looking for my bobby dazzler goggles, I bought a new, less glam pair. So my appearance has altered slightly.

  • 2XU Compression Sleeves

    2XU Compression Sleeves

    With all the climbing I’ve been doing, I’m suffering a bit from fatigued arms. I know from experience that compression clothing helps when you have tired legs, and so I figured it was time to see if they can help my upper body too.

  • Swimming Lesson #17

    Swimming Lesson #17

    This was the first swimming lesson of 2018, and the first time I’ve been in the pool in three weeks. Today I leaned a new stroke, and I also learned old truths about my flexibility, and about relaxing.

  • Standing on my head

    Today I went for a lesson in standing on my head. I’ve tried to stand on my head a few times in the past, and it’s only ever resulted in me falling over and being dissatisfied with my lot. But I’ve resolved that it’s something I’d like to be able to do by the end […]