Entry is $15 for NAF members.

For non-NAF members, entry is $20. This includes NAF membership. For EBBL members, there’s an extra $2.50 discount.

To enter, Paypal cushtie@outlook.com or pay on the day.

Send your roster (as described here), along with your NAF number (if you already have one) to cushtie@outlook.com. All rosters must be received by October 22, 2022 to ensure you have a place available. If we reach capacity ahead of that date, entry will be closed and any additional coaches can join a wait-list. The earlier you enter, the easier you make it for your tournament organisers.

How many coaches can you fit?

We can (easily) accomodate 24 coaches at Evergreen Lanes. Fitting more would be interesting… If we knew far enough in advance that we had more than 24 coaches, we might be able to arrange a room to hold the overflow – which is why the earlier you enter, the easier it is for us to ensure you have a space.