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Team Build

Base Team Build

1200 TV build. Purchase all players, additional staff, rerolls and inducements from this budget. Additional skills cannot be purchased from this budget. See the Skills section for additional skills.

Special Team Prize Eligibility

To encourage extra diversity as well as attract tournament newcomers, Spooktacular Sportsball offers a prize for the best result by a coach playing a Spooky team, as well as a prize for the best result by a first-time coach. Note that Spooky teams are defined by extra restrictions on their rosters – there’s nothing stopping you bringing a Tomb King team with blitz-ras, but that does not qualify as a Spooky team.

Spooky teams are any of the following:

Vampires, Shambling Undead (mummies plus skeletons only), Necromantic Undead (flesh golems and zombies only), Khemri (tomb guardians and skeleton linemen only). Spooky teams can roster any eligible star players and remain spooky.

Stunty teams are any which have no ST3 or ST4 players rostered (except for star players). That includes:

Goblins, Halflings, Snotlings, Ogres, Underworld (without any Skaven), Lizardmen (without any Sauruseseses), Black Orcs (without any Black Orcs).

Teams must roster at least 11 regular players before any stars. Duplicate stars not allowed to play on both sides during a match. All inducements (listed in all publications up to and including the 2021 Almanac) are legal except mercs, wizards and giants. All NAF sanctioned rosters are available. (In general, this means that if a roster has not been published by Games Workshop at least a month before the tournament, it’s not valid for competition yet. Final confirmation of available rosters and inducements will be updated here on October 2nd, 2022 in case anything weird and wonderful happens between now and then: the new Amazon team and the Star Players included in it are legal for this event, the old Amazon team are not legal, and any extra inducements in Spike! 15 beyond Star Players will not be allowed)


Coaches get a skills budget of 12 golden pumpkins, to spend as follows:

  • Primary skills are 1 golden pumpkin each.
  • Secondary skills are 2 golden pumpkins each
  • No random skills
  • No player can have more than 2 additional skills
  • No two players can have the same additional skills (so you can have one player with Guard and one player with Guard and Mighty Blow, but you can’t have two players who just have Guard)
  • You can’t take a secondary skill if you don’t take a primary skill first – so you can have a Mighty Blow Witch Elf, but she has to take a primary skill first!

Special Guest

There’s always an extra special guest at the Spooktacular, and this year is like every other. For the final round, each coach must roster Jackie O’Lantern. This player may bring the total number of players on your team above 16 for that match.

Jackie O’Lantern
Celebrating the autumnal scent of pumpkin spice that comes this time of the year, we’re some high explosive fun, with a few tricks for unwitting players/victims.

Jackie O’Lantern, who would be known as ‘Jackie’ to his friends if he had any, is a grumpy squash farmer, enraged at having his crops spoiled by the armies of Blood Bowl fans tramping through his fields.
MA 5
ST 3
AG 3+
PA 4+
Disturbing Presence
No Hands
Secret Weapon

Special Rule: Pumpkinrooskie
Instead of throwing a bomb, Jackie can drop the bomb on the ground in the square he’s occupying, then immediately move away before the bomb explodes. The bomb will explode in the vacated square as soon as Jackie leaves it. Jackie must be standing up at the start of his activation in order to Pumpkinrooskie.