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Scoring and prizes


5 points for a win, 2 for a draw, 1 for a loss by less than 2 TDs, 0 for a concession.

Tiebreakers: head to head, then TD difference, casualty difference, total TDs, total casualties, strength of schedule, coin toss. If the coin fails to land on heads or tails, we’ll go bowling and the first person to score a turkey wins.


Inaugural prizes, 2021

1st place
Most TDs
Most CAS – all casualties count – whether by block, foul, surf, chainsaw, stab, bomb, thrown team-mate or anything else you do to the other team. Casualties from failed dodges and rushes do not count. Casualties inflicted on your own team (kickbacks, fumbled bombs, eaten teammates, and so on) do not count to either team’s total.
Spooky team award
Stunty team award
Solid defence – least TDs conceded
Best rookie (only available for NAF members with no previous matches)
Pandemonium – total cas & TDs scored and conceded