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Tournament Specific Rules


For the weekend, as the fog creeps in from the sea and visibility drops, and the local peasants hide, terrified, the weather table deviates from the Blood Bowl norm. The first match will be played using the Coastal weather table from Death Zone (2020), followed by the Night weather table, and culminating in the most haunted weather we can think of. As is traditional at Evergreen Lanes, the top table rolls for (and is blamed by everyone else for) the weather at the start of each round for all matches.

Special Guest Star Players

Inspired by the Squig and other fun guys (see what we did there?) at the 2021 Chaos Cup, there’s a special guest star player, complete with an extra-special special rule, for the final round of the Spooktacular that everyone gets to roster. If we make it as far as four years of Spooktaculars, we might even have all the guest players make a special appearance.

For the inaugural Spooktacular, all coaches received a commemorative chainsaw-wielding maniac courtesy of the lovely people at Punga. This was the one and only Slicey McSlicerface

For the second running of the Spooktacular, Jackie O’Lantern, a pumpkin-flinging madman for all coaches to use during the final match of the tournament.

What casualties count?

Many tournaments only include casualties if they would earn SPP in regular play. For the Spooktacular, we count any casualty you caused that involved any sort of risk on your part: so surfs, bombs, chainsaws, vomit and fouls all count, as well as casualties from blocking. Casualties suffered from rushing, failed dodges and failed landings don’t count (although if you kill somebody else’s player by hitting them with a well-aimed halfling, that does count to your casualty total for the most casualties prize).