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Each year, the Spooktacular Sportsball presents a mandatory extra player for all coaches to field in the final match. In its first year, each coach was given Slicey McSlicerface, a chainsaw wielding skeleton, courtesy of Punga. For the second year, we introduced Jackie O’Lantern, an angry farmer, seeking his revenge on the Blood Bowl players who’d messed up his fields. Coaches are waiting with bated breath to discover what horrifying lunacy will be brought to the third year of the Spooktacular.


The second running of the Spooktacular Sportsball saw a 25% increase, with 20 coaches in attendance, and much more spookiness than in the first year! Enhancements to the rules meant Spooky teams became a more attractive proposition than in the first year.

However, the first place trophy went to jollyork’s less-than-totally eldritch Amazon team.

Highest placing Spooky team was kainis39’s Tomb Kings repeating the race’s dominance of the Spooky division.


Spooktacular Sportsball was run for the first time the day before Halloween, 2021, with 16 coaches from across Washington and Oregon.

furanzu_68 with the despicable tyrant / tournament organiser mrcushtie

The winner, in his first NAF tournament, was furanzu_68 with his Necromantic roster, The Haunted.

The spooky prize was won by banjoclan with his Tomb Kings, Bad Case of Khemroids, who caused a lot of pain and suffering for the teams opposing them.