Signed, sealed, delivered

Happily, our daughter’s Dependent Pass was granted today, allowing her to remain in Singapore with us. It’s an amusing looking document, her face floating high above the normal position on an identity card, grinning happily out at the world. It expires in five and a half months (at the same time as my visa does) but hopefully we’ll be able to get it renewed.
My daughter
(If these two pictures are to scale, then my daughter must already be six to twelve inches taller than me.)

Apart from collecting the pass, and my weekly Spanish lesson, I struggled to achieve anything today. Exhausted by the week at work, I failed even to be able to think for most of the day. Coffee didn’t dent my fatigue, and even a long afternoon nap, head jammed under a pillow, made very little difference.

This evening we watched Trance, the latest Danny Boyle film. It’s a bit like Angel Heart, with the twist signposted from very early on, but in a vague enough way that you keep on watching, wondering how it’s going to reach that point. It’s a surreal, complicated film, and it’s the second James McAvoy film we’ve watched in a week, the first being the much more linear Welcome To The Punch, which at least didn’t rely on a constantly repeated sequence of a French footballer scoring a goal, as if that was something significant.

Positives: full frontal nudity. Negatives: no proper plot. I wonder if that means we were accidentally watching a porn film. Can you watch a porn film “by accident”?

On the way home, we lost our baby’s new toy: to celebrate her legality, my wife had bought her a very squeaky little penguin. And now it’s with a taxi driver somewhere, who may or may not deliver it to us again one day. We can only hope El Pinguino makes it back to us in one piece. Or that we buy another one, I suppose.

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