View from the top floor

They’re painting the outside of our building at the moment. I hope they don’t do it in the same colours as the adjacent block (purple, with clashing red accents on the window frames) but I suppose it doesn’t really matter that much to me, as I won’t be able to see the new colour scheme while I’m inside the building.
Purple and red

Before they paint the building, they are washing down the outside. That means two blokes and a pressure washer get into a rickety metal platform that descends the side of the building. Progress is slow, because nobody seems to want to take their laundry in, and the laundry poles block the path of the platform. However, most days this week there seem to be two workmen at around our height, which means we can’t wander around the apartment in a state of undress. If you have to wear clothes in the tropics, it seems a bit of a waste, given the constant heat.

Then again, just because we’re on the twenty-first floor, that doesn’t mean we are out of sight: there’s another building opposite us where people could peer into our kitchen. We don’t have any curtain rails, but my wife has taken to hanging laundry indoors, a bit like the zombie-trap in the final section of 28 Days Later, except there’s not a ravening ex-squaddie blundering through the sheets, trying to bite people. There’s just me.

The haze continues. Rain, perhaps, tomorrow. If not, I have another day of standing downwind of a bonfire to look forward to. At least I work in an air conditioned environment, rather than being some poor guy stuck out on a gantry in the blazing sun.

Not that people only work in the daytime. I swear while I was trying to sleep last night, somebody was either sawing or whittling away on the roof directly above the window of our spare bedroom. It would have been hard to remonstrate without climbing out the window, and imagine the embarrassment if you fell and died, killed either by a nocturnal noise complaint or just imagining you heard something. I shut the windows firmly and let fatigue knock me out. I wonder if the same will happen tonight.

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  1. Purple and red can look amazing given the right surroundings. I remember our very first neighbours had a vivid purple carpet and a bright red sofa. It looked really good, but you have to remember it was the early 70’s. A foreign country, and we did things differently in the olden days!
    Sleep tight x

  2. I like the colours on that building.

    If you had a balcony, you could get your own back on your neighbour by hand hewing lumps of wood into a play pen for Felicity. That is what my friend’s banker husband did, in a block in Docklands. He is German.

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